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Life in the world of corporates can be very hectic. It is a common occurrence when employees lose their sense of physical and mental wellbeing due to the overwhelming pressure of their regular jobs. This not only affects their personal health but also leaves a detrimental mark upon the company’s output. With this realisation, TradeSmart decided to incorporate our Employee Wellness Program as a part of its regular schedule. For the past three months, we have been organising regular yoga, meditation and Zumba sessions for TradeSmart which is garnering huge success.

The idea behind our Employee Wellness program is to help people relax and rewind as a part of their daily schedule. People are not always self-motivated to practice health rituals by themselves. However, with this program, not only do people come together for their minds and bodies, but it also helps relieve the stress in the work environment. The ongoing Zumba sessions are gaining a lot of popularity among the employees of TradeSmart as it has been a perfect opportunity for them to shed some sweat while strengthening their bonds. For we all know that a team that plays together gains together!

The employees at TradeSmart have been very enthusiastic about our Corporate Wellness Program. They have encountered a significant positive change in the work environment and their own personal working potential. Our sessions work as stress boosters for them and they always look forward to ending their hectic days with our sessions to unwind. We look forward to helping more such corporations and employees and impacting more lives for the better!

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