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The human generation has been advancing rapidly towards technological and economic development all around. In our world of relentless competition and hard work, we often forget to take care of our overall health. Back in 2020, our founder Sarita realised the pre-eminence of our collective holistic health to improve our living experiences and move towards better productivity in all aspects of our lives. It is the passion that she gradually developed by immersing herself into conscious practices of the yogic culture, that fuels this project. Vibenflows is about helping and guiding people to break the shackles of all that is uncomfortable in their living experience and raise their quality of life.

Our goal is to help individuals better their lives in a holistic manner by targeting their physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being. We aim to help individuals gradually develop a sustainable lifestyle that involves mindful and sentient living with oneself and the environment. Each human life has limitless potential and we want you to recognise your strengths and ameliorate your weaknesses. An individual who is in sync with oneself and the living process around can harness immense energy and transform oneself to whatever they desire. We are here to guide you along this process and help you achieve abundance in all areas of life.

We offer a variety of natural therapies, wellness programs, yoga training, and mentorship for young kids as well as adults. Our programs have turned out to be holy grails for our existing customers in helping them gain better control over their holistic health and lifestyle. Our strategy is to determine the underlying cause of the problems by evaluating your physical, mental, and emotional parameters under the supervision of our experts, and once we determine the core cause problem, you can expect total rejuvenation and a reduction in the likelihood of repeating ailments. We are increasing one’s entire health and well-being, not only treating current disease or illness. Our set of programs have turned out to be phenomenal in controlling and improve upon the symptoms of ailments like arthritis, blood-pressure problems, PCOS, overweight, body aches, and much more!

We also provide corporate wellness programs for businesses and organisations wishing to improve the fitness and health of their employees and personnel. Our programs address stress, tiredness, and other concerns that arise from working in a fast-paced environment. Bring your staff to our natural retreat to unwind, relax, and rejuvenate so they can work to their full capacity.